welcome to starburst audio!


Thank you for taking the time to look around my little “side-project” page. I am pretty happy with what I have created; a small, bookshelf-sized loudspeaker that has a full, rich sound.

I began Starburst Audio out of the desire to have speakers in our home that were attractive and pleasing to look at. Many speakers being sold are either black or silver, some in very odd, attention-getting shapes. I wanted a speaker that had more of a 1960’s “hi fi” feel, something that looked a little more like furniture, a little more dignified. After months of kicking around ideas, I came up with my first design, the Regent Series of loudspeakers you see on these pages. Each pair begins as a JBL speaker, and I remove and replace the woofer with a higher-quality Dayton Neo Series unit, rebuild the crossover using Jantzen coils and Audyn capacitors, resize the rear vent for proper venting, and finally add in the veneer, legs and grille cloth to create what you see on these pages.

Please take a look at the albums; they’ve got lots more info and many photos showing details of the speakers, veneers and grille cloth fabrics

Speakers are for sale every 3rd Sunday

(April-October) at the Vintage Garage Chicago


Also available exclusively at Transistor Chicago


Questions? Click here to send me an email!!!


a hi-fi loudspeaker series with mid century style